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Brett Jennings is Ngaanyatjarra Man from Western Australia. He grew up around Leonora and went also to school in Leonora. He went to high school in Karlgooli. In the early 70s he returned to Warburton.  He came to find his father and stayed ever since. In the 90s he met Adele Hunt and got married. The couple has 3 children and work together as a team making punu. He has family in Wiluna, Leonora, Kalgoorlie and Warburton Community. He is an upcoming leader in his community, working for Wilurarra Creative, a multidisciplinary recording studio and arts workshop for aboriginal youth. Brett carves punu and also writes music. 
"I’ve been cutting and carving wood now for a very long time and over the years I have gotten better at what I love doing.  It is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation in my family to this very point where we are right now. I have always listened, looked and learned from the old people. That's really important to have respect for them. I love making punu.  The pattern and texture in the wood is just what I love about Mulga trees (Acacia Aneura).  Doing the final touch in the boomerang or shield is so nice I really love it. Family and friends call me B.J.”   - Brett Jennings
Born: 1967
Language: Warburton, WA
Community: Ngaanyatjarra

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