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Happy Reid is a long time resident of Mutitjulu Community in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park where she worked until her retirement as a health worker in the local clinic. She continues to enjoy painting as well as carving music sticks, small bowls and animals. She also works as an artist in residence for Maruku Arts at the Cultural Centre and is one of Mutitjulus most active carvers. As a senior guide with Anangu Tours she taught visitors about her Tjukurpa and traditional culture.

Ngayulu ngunytjuku Tjukurpa, palyalpai, palumpa ngura iti ngarintja: Kungkarangkalpa munu Wati Nyirunya. Kutjupara ngayulu palyalpai Liru Tjukurpa, ngayuku nguranguru. Ngayulu iti ngaringu Lirunta, Liruku ngurangka.

(I paint my mothers story from her birth place: the Seven Sisters and Nyiru. Sometimes I paint the Venomous Snake from my country. I was born at Lirun, home of the venomous Snake Ancestor.) 

Born: 1953
Language: Pitjantjatjara
Community: Mutitjulu

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