Justin Ronberg Profile & Artworks

Justin was born in Alice Springs and spent his youth in Northern Territory and the central desert regions of Australia where he was encouraged by his family to pursue his artistic talents. Justin’s father is Bunna Lawrie, a member of the international band Coloured Stone, his country is the Nullarbor coastal areas of the Great Australian Bight. Justin’s mother is Emily Anne Ronberg of the Luritja-Arrente tribe of the central desert, NT. From an early age Justin was inspired by the mesmerising sounds of the didgeridoo and is now an accomplished didgeridoo performer and teacher. He has also toured with Indigenous Australian bands Coloured Stone, Desert Sea Band and Rhythm Stick as well as lending his didgeridoo talents to many Indigenous Australian artists’ CD’s. As the eldest son and grandson, Justin felt it was important that he learn and pass on the stories of his country and his people and as such, follows his Grandfather’s Law and is an initiated man.
Born: 1972
Community: Alice Springs
Language: Pitjantjatjara

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