Rolley Mintuma Profile & Artworks

Rolley Mintuma is an original and highly innovative man. As well as painting and carving often quirkily observed animal carvings, Rolley is known for his incised weapons. Styled traditionally and drawing on the Tjukurpa in their making, they also have a contemporaneity reflective of the artist’s original approach. When he is not concentrating on his art work Rolley is often active as a spokesperson and consultant in the interpretation of traditional culture and Tjukurpa (traditional Law). He has worked as a guide and inma (ceremonial) dancer. Some of Rolley’s work has been as a film actor with roles in films based on the history of Central Australia. In all his work he has a strong partnership with his wife, Pixie Brown and they are often to be seen seated at their fire working on their carvings. They are also painters with Walkatjara Art, Uluru.
“Uwa palya, ngayulu pukularinyi punu palyalpai ngayulu. Nyura ngayuku punuku mukuringanyi, wirura nyakula paiyamilala”        "I really enjoy making carvings and if you are interested in my work, have a good look and buy it!" Rolley Mintuma
Born: 1943
Language: Pitjantjatjara
Community: Mutitjulu 

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