Roy Yaltjatiki Profile & Artworks

Pastor Roy Yaltjanki is Anangu tjilpi, a senior Aboriginal man from the Western Desert area of Australia. An experienced wood carver, he has also begun painting in later years. In 2004 he became a Lutheran Pastor through the Finke River Mission and is now known as Pastor Roy. His traditional skills have been passed on through the Tjukurpa, the Law and way of life governing his country. Roy Yaltjanki spends much of his time living in Docker River, carving giant ngintakas (perentie lizards) or kali (boomerangs) for Maruku Arts with his wife Pantjiti McKenzie.
Roy was a finalist in the 2019 Vincent Lingiari Art Award.
Born : 1940
Community : Docker River
Language : Pitjantjatjara

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