Kaltukatjara Rockholes
Kaltukatjara Rockholes

Rosalind Yibardi

Kaltukatjara Rockholes

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This painting is a topographical view of the many rockholes located in the country surrounding Kaltukatjara (Docker River) and Puta Puta, near Rosalind’s birthplace. These rockholes are a vital source of drinking water for the people of Kaltukatjara and have supported their community for many, many years. Rosalind says, “Water is very important. When the rain comes, it fills up the rockholes. The people know where to go to find the water.”

Rosalind Yibardi is a senior artist and director of Tjarlirli and Kaltukatjara Art. She is also a member of both the NPY Women’s Council and the acclaimed Central Australian Aboriginal Women’s Choir. Rosalind was born near Puta Puta, around 90 kilometres east of Kaltukatjara (Docker River). She has lived and travelled throughout the Western Desert region. As a young girl, she lived in Putarti, before travelling through the ranges on a camel-drawn cart to Tempe Downs. At the age of seven, she moved from Tempe Downs to Areyonga, walking there with her family. Rosalind moved to Kaltukatjara with her three children, to live closer to her birthplace.


Artist: Rosalind Yibardi
Title:  Kaltukatjara Rockholes
Size: 55.9 cm by 91cm 
Medium: acrylic on canvas

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