Two Girls

Tjukapati James

Two Girls

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Tjukapati’s vibrant paintings are full of history and culture. She draws important inspiration from the striking ranges of
her father’s country around Kaltukatjara, having grown up scrambling over boulders, sittng under trees and swimming in
the rock holes there.
Tjukapati reimagines one of the most significant Western Desert Tjukurpa stories, Kungka Kutjara, meaning Two Women.
It tells the story of two sisters travelling through the desert. As they travelled, their actions created landmarks such as
rock holes and mountain ranges, forging a record of their travels across the land. Tjukapati often paints the women
carrying piti (coolamon) for carrying water, and a wana (digging stick) for hunting.
Tjukapati is distinguished by the freedom and movement of her brush strokes, evident in the compelling energy of her
work. She is an innovative artist, continually experimenting with new methods styles and colours.


Artist: Tjukapati James

Code: T21-570ka

Size: 76.2cm x 101.5cm

Medium:  acrylic on canvas

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