Contemporary Kuturu (Ceremonial Women's Dance Club)

Unknown Artist

Contemporary Kuturu (Ceremonial Women's Dance Club)

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‘Minymaku nyangatja, minymaku inmaku ka pika pungkupai.’

This is for women, for women’s ceremonies and for striking in a fight. 

-Tiku Captain.

The kuturu is made from wanari or mulga wood (Acacia aneura) and is a hefty stick tapered at both ends. Usually plain or ochre coated, it can be painted or decorated with burnt design work. A weapon exclusive to women for settling disputes, it is also used in ceremonies to represent or highlight certain actions of the Tjukuritja or Creation Ancestor that are being re-enacted.

As with all the tools and implements, the origins of the kuturu lie in the Tjukurpa or Creation Period. The laws for its manufacture and use are passed on continuously from grandmother to mother, from mother  to daughter. Vested in the women is much of the responsibility for the health and well-being of the community.



Location: Central Western Desert, Australia  
Medium: 'wanari' - Desert Mulga, Acacia aneura with hot wire etching.
Dimensions: 690 x 38 x 40mm
Weight: 0.75kg

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