Cooley Tali (Desert Dunes)

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Cooley Tali (Desert Dunes)

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 Paintings depict the Tjukurpa, the Law and stories of Ancestors. Anangu (Central and Western Desert Aboriginal people) have responsibilities for the protection and teaching of different Tjukurpa and there are strict protocols for the imparting of knowledge. The dotting technique has evolved with the need to adapt sacred expressions of Tjukurpa for public viewing and as a depiction of the desert landscape.
In this painting the curved lines represents tali or sand dunes. The many dots describe the flora found in the desert landscape and the larger white dots running through depicts a road telling us of travel through the land. This walka, or design, is specific to the Cooley Family. It is handed down from senior wood carvers Billy and Lulu Cooley and evolved from the patterns burnt into carvings with wire heated on a wood fire. 


Title: Cooley Tali (Desert Dunes)
Artist: Joanne Cooley
Language: Pitjantjatjara
Community: Mutitjulu
Size: 30 x 30 cms
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

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