Ininti Seed Bracelet
Ininti Seed Bracelet

Unknown Artist

Ininti Seed Bracelet

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This hand crafted jewellery is made from Ininti seeds collected by the Anangu women from Central Australia. The women gather the seeds from the Ininti, a native tree called Bat’s-wing Coral Tree or Grey Corkwood which grows in sandy areas close to creeks and dry river beds. The seeds come in many different hues (deep reds, oranges and creams). Holes are made in the Ininti seeds by poking with a hot wire.

This bracelet comes in a variation of colours so each piece is completely unique. You can choose from:

Deep Red (In Small, Medium & Large) 

Red (In Small, Medium & Large) 

Multi (In Small, Medium & Large) 

Yellow (In Medium & Large) 

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