Kanilpa Walkatjara (Desert Winnowing Bowl)
Kanilpa Walkatjara (Desert Winnowing Bowl)
Kanilpa Walkatjara (Desert Winnowing Bowl)

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Kanilpa Walkatjara (Desert Winnowing Bowl)

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Known collectively as punu, the carvings of Anangu (Central and Western Desert Aboriginal people) have their beginnings in the Tjukurpa when the Creation Ancestors fashioned the first weapons and tools, setting down the laws and conventions of their design. Women carved a number of different sized bowls for their food gathering, processing, and water collecting.  This bowl is known as kanilpa, long and narrow in shape and ideal for winnowing precious grains like wangunu or wintalyka (woolly butt grass seed or Acacia seed). One method of obtaining it is from the side of a muur-muurpa, bloodwood tree (Eucalyptus terminalus) with a long narrow trunk. A section is removed and hollowed out with fire before carving tools are used to shape it as light and strong as possible. Others are carved from a root section of the itara or river red gum (Eucalytptus camaldulensis).

It takes a particular and highly refined skill to coordinate the hand movements required to separate and sift seeds which may be as tiny as grains of sand and the women use a rhythmic rocking motion to efficiently separate and clean their seeds. It is also used in making kiti or spinifex resin where a fine powder must be separated from sand.

The artist hasn’t elaborated on the story of this walka  (design) however, it contains many elements of traditional desert design. Series of curving lines are often described as parts of the country: wind rippled sand dunes, intercut by the tracks of a Tjukuritja; the burrowings of animals; or the dry bed of a desert creek. In telling stories, women sit flicking sticks in the sand as they talk and they say walka is like this, the rhythmic strokes that accompany stories.


Artist: Narelle Holland
Title: Kanilpa Walkatjara (Desert Winnowing Bowl)
Location: Mantamaru (Jameson), Ngaanyatjarra Lands, WA
DImensions (mm): L610 x W150 x H90
Weight: 0.9kg

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