Piti (Collecting Bowl)
Piti (Collecting Bowl)
Piti (Collecting Bowl)
Piti (Collecting Bowl)

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Piti (Collecting Bowl)

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The piti or wooden bowl is a traditional woman’s carrying vessel for food and water usually carved from the trunk of a Desert Bloodwood or a root section of the river Red Gum tree. Contemporary artists use walka, patterns burnt into the wood with wire heated on a wood fire. These relate Tjukurpa, stories about the Tjukuritja  or Creation Ancestors and the activities which shaped the land, the people and their Law. Many of the details of Tjukurpa are restricted to senior custodians so it is not possible to describe the full story behind the walka.

Dianne doesn’t elaborate on the stories behind her walka, however she shows many of the animals and plants that populate the lands. Their various ancestors were responsible for creating important parts of her country and way of life. The most common snakes to appear in design are the kuniya, liru and wanampi: pythons, deadly snakes and water serpents, guardians of waterholes. Sometimes they are depicted with their eggs.


Artist: Dianne Strangways
Title: Piti (Collecting Bowl) 
Size: 605x222x140mm
Medium: Itara - River Red Gum 

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