Kungkarangkalpa (The Seven Sisters)

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Kungkarangkalpa (The Seven Sisters)

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I am painting my grandmothers Tjukurpa. Kungkarangkalpa is an important story for me. Wingu taught me this when I was younger, ninti for the tjukurpa. This is Kungkarangkalpa Tjukurpa (Seven Sisters). Secret country for women.The seven sisters were stopping close up to Kuru Ala. They are siƫng near the cave, they are living in. One man, Nyiiru, was watching all the young girls. He was trying to get one of the sisters to be his wife, but they didn’t want that old man. The sisters were going into kuru Ala and they saw a quandong tree. They all rushed in for the quandongs. “This isn’t really quandongs” they said after tasting them, “must be that wati Nyiiru trying to trick us.” They were running and hiding from him and ran into the cave.


Artist: Ruth Fatt
Title: Kungkarangkalpa (Seven Sisters) 
Size: 151 x 101cm 
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

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