Uluruku Tjukurpa *Pre-Stretched

Derek Cotchilli

Uluruku Tjukurpa *Pre-Stretched

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Paintings depict the Tjukurpa, the Law and stories of Ancestors. Anangu (Central and Western Desert Aboriginal people) have responsibilities for the protection and teaching of different Tjukurpa and there are strict protocols for the imparting of knowledge. The dotting technique has evolved with the need to adapt sacred expressions of Tjukurpa for public viewing and as a depiction of the desert landscape.

Derek 's painting of Uluru is unusual as most Anangu use the dot painting technique. The famous monolith is a place of powerful Tjukurpa, product of the Ancestors that Anangu recognise when they look at its various ridges and, gullies and caves.

The rock holds the presence of these ancestors still.


Artist: Derek Cotchilli 
Title: Uluruku Tjukurpa
Size: 81 x 38cm
Medium: Acrylic on Pre-Stretched Canvas

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