Tali munu Karu (sand dunes and creek beds)
Tali munu Karu (sand dunes and creek beds)

Kylie Reid

Tali munu Karu (sand dunes and creek beds)

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Kylie paints the important sand dunes and creek beds found at her grandmothers homeland in WA. The creek beds would hold a lot of good wood for carving traditional tools.

Paintings depict the Tjukurpa, the Law and stories of . Anangu (Central and Western Desert Aboriginal people) have responsibilities for the protection and teaching of different Tjukurpa and there are strict protocols for the imparting of knowledge. The dotting technique has evolved with the need to adapt sacred expressions of Tjukurpa for public viewing and as a depiction of the desert landscape.


Artist: Kylie Reid
Title: Tali munu Karu
Size: 30cm x 40cm
Medium: Acrylic on canvas (stretched)


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