Watiku Punu Tjuta (Men's Tools)

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Watiku Punu Tjuta (Men's Tools)

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This group of punu or tools is a beautifully rendered miniature of a traditional man’s most important survival possessions and carried every where he went. The miru launches the spear with increased force and speed in the hunt and also acts as a carving tool. It’s concave shape is a useful receptacle and it is also the main fire lighting tool of the area. It is made of mulga wood with spinifex resin placed on the end to act as a grip. 

The kulata is a long hunting spear to use in catching large game like kangaroo and emu. The shaft of the spear is of urtjanpa, spearwood vine, which is heated and flexed to straighten it. The wanari or mulga wood head of the spear is then carved and a barb attached before it is bound to the shaft with a combination of spinifex resin and kangaroo or emu sinew. A notch is scored in the end of the spear in which to hook the miru or spear thrower, used to launch the spear with increased strength, speed and accuracy.

Tjutinypa are made from mulga and used for hunting, fighting, and as adzing and meat carving tools. They are also used in ceremonies where they are pounded rhythmically on the ground. The Central and Western Desert kali or boomerang is non-returning and usually crafted from wanari. It is used for hunting and fighting and in pairs as a percussive instrument for inma or ceremony. The tjara or shield is cut from mulga wood and is used to block strikes when being attacked in a fight.

"Nganana kiti, kulata, tjirkali, palka, nanngu, pulyku, uwankaraku ninti. Nganana kuka malu wakani munu pulyku urkani. Kutjupa kutjupa tjuta wiya. Palulanguru kuka malu wakalpai panya. Kuranyu kulatangka mirungka katira ungkupai.

"We know about tools: the spinifex resin; the spear; the shield; the throwing extension; the barb; the sinew used to bind it together, everything. We would spear a kangaroo and get the sinew from it. There were no other materials to use.  Then we could hunt the kangaroos. In the past we used spears and spearthrowers to provide food."  Senior Pitjantjatjara Man


Artist :  Aston Brumby
Title : Watiku Punu Tjuta (Mens Tools)
Code : G5026
Size : 30 x 30 cms
Medium : Acrylic on Canvas

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