Watiku Tjukurpa

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Watiku Tjukurpa

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This Tjukurpa relates to the artist’s traditional ancestral country around Kaltukatjara (Docker River)in the south west of the Northern Territory. It is a heavily coded reference to sacred and restricted men’s Law: Watiku Tjukurpa. ‘U’ shapes are the men relating the Creation as it crosses their land. Concentric circles usually represent important sites such as water holes and special land forms and are often resting places on a Creation Ancestor’s journey across the country.

The artist in effect details a map of country that only he and other senior men can read: the details of this Tjukurpa belong to the custodians in Kaltukatjara and the artist isn’t free to elaborate on the story behind this painting.


Artist: Jim Nyukuti
Title: Watiku Tjukurpa
Size: 90 x 38 cm
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

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